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People are the driving force behind the success of any company, brand, or business. Oakwood Search is an extension of your HR team. We help you navigate career choices to find the perfect fit by presenting you with the best candidates available. In addition, we focus on building extensive industry partnerships and keeping a finger on the pulse of the hiring landscape.

Partner Relationships

We understand the “big-picture” value of finding the ideal candidates to support your business initiatives. Oakwood Search partners with industry-leading companies, including multiple fortune 100 companies, Top 10 banks, and Tier 1 management consulting clients. We’re creating innovative Human Capital solutions to help your company grow. Our recruitment and HR solutions are customizable to provide special assistance depending on your specific business needs.

The Oakwood Difference

At Oakwood Search, we utilize our extensive network, tools, systems, and tactics to uncover position-specific requirements and identify candidates who best meet your specific requirements. As a professional recruitment company, Oakwood can provide mediation, management, and communication when needed. In addition, our industry experience allows us to recognize the requirements to make the right connections in today’s fast-moving environment.

Candidate/client Representation

When it comes to the Human Resource and Recruiting disciplines, Oakwood Search and Oakwood Human Resources have unrivaled networks, tools, processes and systems to assure your needs are addressed with professionalism and efficiency. Unfortunately, today’s business practices are not always as “magical” as we would like, and often require experienced mediation, management and communication that only an HR practitioner or professional recruiter can provide. We have weathered the storms of many assignments, equipping us with the knowledge and expertise it requires to make the right connections in today’s fast-moving environment.

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Client Management

Executive Search
Executive Search

Oakwood Search is a proud leader in Senior Recruiting. Our team has successfully placed Executive and C-Level professionals across an array of industries. We understand the complexities of working at this level. We listen to your needs and expectations before tapping into our network to ensure the best results.

Contingency Search
Contingency Search

What was complex is now simple. We streamline the hiring process by engaging in research-led omnichannel attacks on the specific market we are targeting. We comb through large numbers of candidates to identify the person best for you.

Consulting Services
Consulting Services

We solve your business challenges—Trust Oakwood for temporary assistance, expert counsel, or additional staffing. Our recruitment and HR services are created to enhance your daily operations. We work alongside your company to deliver the best, hassle-free results.

Technology & Financial Services Executive Recruitment

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