Oakwood Search Case Studies

Oh my gosh – we are stabilized thanks to Dustin & the Oakwood Search Team. So amazing. We really love working with them!

Julie Rieken, ATSI CEO

A growing SaaS firm with growing pains.

ATSI covers the brands of Trakstar, Reviewsnap, Recruiterbox, and Mindflash. At both Trakstar and Reviewsnap, we’re modernizing and streamlining the performance review process, providing relevant solutions to today’s companies. Recruiterbox delivers the best recruitment software that features numerous tools to make the hiring process productive. Mindflash is a leading online Learning Management System, making it easy to provide employee, associate, and/or customer training in the cloud. Our four companies hire only the best people – the most intellectual, empathetic people we can find who delight customers with their knowledge of best practices, the industry, and our customers’​ unique needs.

*ATSI began working with Oakwood Search in October 2018.

Executive Summary

ATSI is a fast growing SaaS company that focuses in the talent management sector. They had recently acquired two software companies in 2018, Recruiterbox & Mindflash. With every acquisition comes problems of turnover. Combine that with their tremendous growth and ATSI was in need of finding top talent, fast. From mid-October to February 2019, Oakwood search was able to fill 10 high level & high priority positions for ATSI, enabling them to become stabilized in record time, setting them up for years of continued growth and success without the headaches that acquisitions all too often bring.


Oakwood Search delivers results, period.

Dependable Results

Positions Filled: