Industry Connections

Client Partnerships

Oakwood Search has established relationships with industry leading firms across the modern business spectrum, supporting them in quantitative, technological, and compliance-based recruitment. With over 75 years of combined recruiting experience and backed with a deliberate mission of building winning strategic partnerships, our firm is proud of all we have accomplished. We maintain long-term, ongoing relationships with the firms we represent because of our capabilities of finding these industry giants the right candidate in a timely manner.

Oakwood Differentiators

Unique Research

Oakwood Search understands that no job is the same, no matter what position you are seeking to fill. Every search our team completes starts from square one, and each posting is tackled as a new and fresh opportunity to find a diverse pool of exceptional candidates that fit the specific needs of your organization.

Quantitative Interviews

With experience across the financial services sector, our team understands the power of quantifiable data in measuring tangible return on investment. Our search process is grounded in quantitative principles and our team utilizes hard numbers and metrics to thoroughly review the target market as well as every potential candidate we speak with.

Diverse Pools

Through our candidate identification process, Oakwood endeavors to hand select a comprehensive pool of qualified individuals from a variety of backgrounds. From utilizing our networks, through candidate interviews, to the presentation of top contenders, our team offers your firm a variety of options allowing you to be confident in your final selection.

Executive Longevity

When our team is tasked with presenting your organization with a group of top candidates in an expedited time, our recruiting strategy is always sound. Through our proprietary filtering process, candidate recommendations are made with confidence, and we understand the only way we win is for you to hire a great employee.

Connecting Leading Corporations with the best minds in business delivering unparalleled results.

Talent Search

We have mastered the most comprehensive practices in conducting market research, utilizing networking techniques, handling extensive data-based interviews, and soliciting recommendations. We understand complex requirements and are highly capable of hitting the mark every time.

Staff Consulting

Oakwood Search consistently provides the highest caliber Consultants at hourly rates that work for your organization and for project work spanning a broad range of specialties. Whether you are increasing staffing levels for an upcoming project filing or simply adding additional experience and expertise to your team.

Project Consulting

Oakwood Search partners with one of the Big 3 Strategy Consulting firms across a variety of high level projects. If your solution requires a complete package from a project perspective, Oakwood Search can provide all-inclusive options led by one of the most respected Strategy Consulting Firms in the world. Please contact us for further information on our comprehensive solutions.

Establishing A Forward Motion

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