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Networks and Methods that Matter

Since its founding in 2012, Oakwood Search has done some amazing things. The company’s methods and processes are all rooted in Executive Search. Put simply we are Headhunters; committed to delivering an outstanding client experience and results beyond the capabilities of most firms. Oakwood Search has successfully reinvented the Executive Search process producing a transparent and highly effective hiring experience. Our industry-leading technology portfolio, and use of AI technology have redefined Executive Search.

Oakwood Search offers a data-driven, complete market approach to professional services delivered by pioneers in talent acquisition and deployment. Oakwood's founders headed talent acquisition for multiple Fortune 500 Companies and our databases and methods are second to none. Clients continue to rely on Oakwood for our flexibility to accommodate their ever-changing requirements. We close gaps, eliminate blind spots, and unlock hidden value in the areas of your business that matter the most – the people you trust and employ.

Oakwood Search Offers A Data-Driven, Full Market Approach delivering exceptional results.

Hiring the best talent is the most important thing you can do to grow your company. So naturally, partnering with a qualified search firm is equally important. We embody your organization in the marketplace. Our team acts as agents to present employment opportunities that best portray the organization and the management team. We perform in-depth research on each organization and the industry to deliver the role to potential candidates effectively.

Whatever your leadership needs, our time-tested and innovative approach lets clients maximize resources, confidently activate their leadership strategy, and attract leaders who can release the organization’s full potential.

What are the key positions you need to fill? Contact Oakwood Search today to tap into our talent pool.

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