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Modern technology environments require sophisticated processes and systems to match competitors, information security requirements, and innovation demands. Given this dynamic ecosystem, companies must continually seek out experienced talent. Only the most equipped employees can guarantee that a company maintains optimal productivity. However, finding, engaging, and retaining the right talent continues to challenge most businesses.

Oakwood Search helps you connect with the best talent in the industry. We are a leading national recruiting and staffing company with extensive experience designing search approaches that yield high-quality candidates. Our team consists of leaders to ensure we stay at the top of the recruiting industry. We pride ourselves on our speed and accuracy and understand trust derives from mutual success.

Delivering Exceptional Talent across the full Technology Spectrum

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Permanent Placement

Oakwood Search’s team has recruited across the cutting edge of technological systems representing top firms for years. To ensure the quality of the candidates we represent and enhance organizational retention, our team performs a comprehensive analytic review of each and every potential candidate. When representing candidates, our expertise are used to showcase your qualifications, ensuring our partners can rest assured in their selection.

Our representation of candidates in finding long-term employment includes:

Contract Placement

In working with project-based employment, Oakwood examines how a candidate not only fits the needs of the project but also the culture of the company. Our final recommendations include a comprehensive review of experience to project match, candidate profiles, and availability across project duration.

Our representation of candidates in finding project employment includes:

Focus Areas

Technology Management

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