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We're Experienced

Collectively, our recruiters have happily navigated hundreds of successful placements across various industries. Every Talent Search requires a customized search strategy followed by experienced execution of the strategy. We are proud that our filtering process typically produces a diverse and on target pool of qualified candidates.

We get the job done

Our tools, processes and methods for conducting an optimized talent search stems from decades in the Headhunting industry. We are equipped to deliver top tier recruiting services across the globe and in any industry. Our networks and data sources are well established and include over 900 Million professionals.

We are extremely versatile

We are proud to partner with and represent an assortment of some of the most influential companies in the world. Some of our most notable clients include a large Strategy Consulting Firm, a Top 3 Insurance Company, the oldest and largest private bank in the nation, and various recognizable and up-and-coming technology firms.

We Connect Leading Corporations With High-Quality, Highly Qualified People.

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At Oakwood Search, we recognize that people are the driving force behind the success of any company and consequently, we understand the critical nature of Talent Acquisition. The ultimate success of any person in a management role is closely linked to the members hers or his team. Our goal is to reinvent the talent acquisition process. We tailor every search to our client’s business and cultural needs to ensure we build teams that excel. Based on decades of experience in the Recruiting and Staffing industry, Oakwood Search is equipped to find your company best of breed candidates for any professional roles within your organization.

Rooted in the belief that it is vital to tailor every search to both our client’s business and cultural needs, we have built a streamlined and all-inclusive process that produces outstanding results. Unlike many firms that begin a search by going out to find a candidate, Oakwood builds out a pool of potential prospects and systematically refines this pool producing only the top passive and active candidates in a market. The system works. Our clients rave about our performance.

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