Financial Industry at Risk due to Hiring Problems by Companies in the Cyber Security Industry

The financial services industry is increasingly reliant on and increasingly available to, real-time customer interaction consequently increasing its exposure to real-time criminal assault. The digital infrastructure that both the industry and the consumer rely on has drastically increased the scope of cyber vulnerability by growing the dimensions from which it could be attacked.

The ability to offer a greater degree of service has far outstripped the industry’s ability and resources to create an appropriately staffed and adequately prepared in-house cyber response unit. Every additional feature added to the customer portal, every app in use, every customer and employee email is a potential data breach that is increasingly difficult to protect. A majority of respondents to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte reported that they did not believe their employer to be highly effective in combating that risk. Further, Deloitte reported that financial institutions are attacked approximately four times more often than companies of other industries.

In response to the increase in cyber vulnerability, the proportionate inability to adequately address that vulnerability and the overall inability for the industry to build prepared in-house response teams, many projects are looking to enlist outside contractors such as Oakwood Search.

Niche market companies, like Oakwood Search, are able to recruit from a broad and deep pool of specialists who have been keenly aware of the continually developing landscape of cyber threats. They have the resources to find and the experience to recognize the talent most suited for a particular company’s needs.

If you have any questions about how Oakwood Search can help you recruit the appropriate specialists to help protect your project, please contact us.

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