Companies still face hiring problems in the cyber security industry

Competition is tough for companies in the cybersecurity industry, resulting in hiring problems to include finding high-quality talent, knowing how to keep that talent engaged, and retaining skilled employees when that talent is in high demand.

Even with all the right technology in places like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems as well as sophisticated processes and systems, companies are still vulnerable to being hacked. Especially those organizations with something the hacker wants; like money or data that they can sell for money. The banking and financial institutions are at highest risk for attack; actually around four times greater than other industries according to a Deloitte estimate. However, due to a shortage of skilled staff on hand to monitor and maintain this highly demanding technology; these agencies often look elsewhere for the talent.

This type of talent is hard to find and especially hard to recognize if this field is foreign to you. In a survey of Deloitte employees, only 42% said they feel their company is effectively managing the cybersecurity risk. The problem is not just about filling a position but more about finding the right person with the talent to manage the cybersecurity risk. A niche company can match a specific talent with a specific position. Oakwood Search understands these challenges and uses a search algorithm to focus on a specific pool of candidates in order to ensure success for your organization. We specialize in identifying important cybersecurity recruitment positions such as application security, authentication, network security and security threats & countermeasures. If your organization is facing difficulties in securing personnel with these talents, please contact us for your cybersecurity recruitment needs.

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