Ahead of security risks

What do Bell Canada, Edmoto, Handbrake (Mac software), Hipchat, Wonga, Cellbrite, Freedom Hosting, the CIA, Cloudshare, DaFont, Ivy League Universities,  Dallas (Texas), TSA, PoliceOne and the Airforce have in common?

They were all the subject of hacks that affected thousands of clients and citizens in just the early part of 2017 alone, on the heels of the 2016’s DNC and Yahoo hacks.  These attacks were well known and very successful.  Yet quiet attacks occur on a smaller scale every day.  Cyber security is vital and ever-changing, and the financial industry is incredibly vulnerable.

With legacy software on many ATM’s and need to tap into ever evolving markets many banks and financial institutions carry a much bigger hacking liability than just a couple of years ago.  With an increasing average of 85 attacks each year, hackers are learning how to have the edge.  A frightening 1/3 of attacks are successful, are extremely costly and can destroy a bank’s reputation.  Remediation to customers is expensive, and the hacks will continue becoming more aggressive.

This begs the question, what can you do?  The answer seems challenging.  You need the right people in place.  You need a person who understands the complexities of the financial markets and how regulatory change affects what can and cannot be done.  You need a flexible employee who will evolve faster than the hackers.  Someone to meet the ever-changing requirements and deal with the demands of going to battle every moment of their day.

Having the right employee in place is vital for a long-term success of your financial institution. Oakwood Search is the leader in providing hiring solutions to the most complicated problems.  We know the questions to ask, the training needed and the true risks faced today.  Don’t be a hacker headline, contact us now.

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