• Define Your Candidate Persona in 4 Steps
    With a precise concept of the target demographic, recruiters can source with laser precision – here’s how! It’s no secret that in the past five years, recruiting has espoused marketing tactics to attract passive and highly sought-after talent in this time of skill shortages, especially in technical fields. Email campaigns,… Read more »
  • Why Are So Many Talent Pools Underutilized and How Can Recruiters Tap Into Them?
      Spoiler alert: There’s a talent shortage in the world of work. And it’s pretty big. Ok, so that probably comes as no surprise to anybody who works in the staffing and recruiting industry. It seems like every day, we read new stories about how the number of open jobs… Read more »
  • Google Enhances Job Search API to Provide Commute Info, Multiple Language Support
    Of the three solutions Google launched targeted at helping job seekers and employers come together, the job search API, dubbed Cloud Talent Solution, gets the least amount of publicity. Google for Jobs, the company’s answer to Indeed, and Hire by Google, its answer to the ATS market, in contrast, grab… Read more »
  • Making Businesses Better
    Job Seekers typically see things from the perspective of their career, and that is understandable, but recruiting is not about careers. It’s about building great companies or making companies better. Great careers and great career moves are a by-product. In a lot of cases we feed the misconception. “Find your… Read more »
  • Custom Chrome Extension Manager: A Recruiting & Sourcing Must Have
      Custom Chrome is the extension that manages your extensions   When recruiting, you often build up a massive collection of various Chrome Extensions, apps, and tools. Most likely, you get to a point where they no longer can fit at the top of your browser. This means, to get… Read more »
  • It’s Not What Candidates Say, But What They Hear
    This part of the communication equation doesn’t get enough credit for what it can reveal Are your job interviews structured toward what people have to say, or how they, well, listen? We tend to use face-to-face encounters to gain information verbally. We may ask candidates to repeat their work and education… Read more »
  • Data Dissonance in Talent Acquisition
    We have compiled research from many credible sources to determine how data is impacting business, specifically talent acquisition. The recent influx of technological advances has buried businesses across nearly every industry.  The utilization of data and technology is pressingly relevant to the success of modern business with terms like machine… Read more »
  • Top 5 Challenges of a Candidate-Driven Marketplace – Listen to the Podcast Now!
    Jerome Ternynck and Tracey Allison join Lorne Epstein on his eponymous podcast for a frank discussion on the challenges of today’s talent economy. “The war for talent is over and the candidates have won,” says Jerome Ternynck, CEO and founder of SmartRecruiters, as he sits down with Tracey Allison, Director… Read more »
  • To Tell or Not To Tell…I Spy a TYPO in Your Resume.
    Oh, that is a question. Tell the candidate? Don’t tell the candidate? I mean really, attention to detail is key in most jobs. Especially anything at the executive level, and certainly anything administrative. And good grief, if it’s accounting or finance, typos are verboten. But where is there slack? Do… Read more »
  • Our Consumer Marketing Mirrored Our Recruitment Marketing (Not the Other Way Around)
    Almost three years ago, I came on board to lead the talent-acquisition team for Main Event Entertainment, a Dallas-based family entertainment center with 42 event centers in 13 states. It was a great time to join, as Main Event is in growth mode transitioning from a regional brand to a… Read more »
  • NHS recruitment drive launched to coax GPs out of retirement
    A campaign launched last week has highlighted the Induction and Refresher scheme, where 800 family doctors have applied to return to work after taking a break from their role, working in another job or moving overseas. 279 of these applicants have completed the programme and rejoined the GP workforce in… Read more »
  • Head of Google’s new hiring tool says UK is still a ‘very, very attractive market’
    Hire by Google launched in the UK and Canada this month. The tool has recruitment-specific integrations for Google apps like Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, and Sheets. “The UK is a big market, it’s an attractive market, obviously, for everybody. There’s enough demand in the UK and we believe it will… Read more »
  • Parents targeted by Travelodge to fill post-Brexit staffing gap
    Travelodge, the budget hotel chain, which in 2012 was on the brink of administration, reported strong sales and profits for last year.  Sales increased by 8.8% to £693.3m in 2018. Currently, EU workers make up nearly a quarter of all jobs in the UK hospitality sector. However, there are some… Read more »
  • Zero-hours workers are ‘twice as likely to do nights for less pay’
    TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said “the vast majority” of people on zero-hours contracts “want out” and that the flexibility such contracts offer are only “good for employers”. Pushing for the practice to be banned, she said “zero-hours workers regularly work through the night for low pay, putting their health… Read more »
  • Nurse accused of stealing British jobs after finding ‘Brexit means Brexit’ note
    Charlotte Brien, a 21-year old student, from Manchester has said the note she was left was ‘vile’. It read: ‘First you took our jobs, now you’re taking our pods. Brexit means Brexit. P.S go home and sleep’. The note was referencing to a sleeping pod she was using for a… Read more »
  • Does Your Employer Brand Just Exist?
    Building an employer brand takes time. Showcasing your company values and culture in its true form will allow you to attract talent to your roles. Enabling you to build a reputation as a great company to work for. After investing time and budget, you want to get the best out… Read more »
  • 8 Cost-Effective Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Know
    The biggest challenge small business owners face is a limited budget. They want to avail all services and opportunities within a set limit. This is the reason they always look for low-cost options/solutions. We are going to list out eight trends which are cost-effective and save your time and money.… Read more »
  • Employee Experience Doesn’t End At The Exit Interview
      Deloitte preaches it. Nestle proves it. Former employees want it. The answer: What is a post employee experience? The data is unanimous. Companies that invest in lifelong relationships outperform those that don’t. The most compelling performance metrics see a 6x increase in employer attractiveness, 2.8x increase in revenue per… Read more »
  • Gartner Rate Recooty No.1 Recruitment Software Vendor
    Recooty ranks the top applicant tracking system list for small and medium enterprises by Software Advice. An Applicant Tracking System is software whose basic function is to electronically automate the job posting on multiple job boards, filtering applications, shortlisting, interview scheduling and hiring process. To create this report, Software Advice evaluated over 320 Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Only… Read more »
  • 5 Workplace Wellness Statistics You Should Know About
    Workplace wellness programs: Yay or nay? Discover the data-based answer! Workplace wellness programs: A growing workplace trend Workplace wellness programs are getting more and more popular. This new workplace trend has gained a lot of attention recently and stirred quite a debate. Some argue that companies should not be burdened… Read more »
  • How To Negotiate A Raise Without Looking Entitled
    There comes a stage in everyone’s career when, no matter how happy they are with the type of work they do, their surroundings, and their achievements, it feels like it’s time to move on. Often, the pushing factor is money. Nobody likes to get stuck on one rung of a… Read more »
  • Chatbots Remain Hot As Paradox Announces Series A, Additional Offices
    Chatbot solution Wade and Wendy wasn’t the only one raising money this month. Read more »
  • Walking Employees Downstream Improves Retention, Productivity, Recruiting, and Engagement (Part 1 of 2)
    The Powerful Impacts From Showing Employees That Their Work Is Meaningful Read more »
  • Recruiting technology trends 2019
    Technology has seen considerable changes in optimizing tasks like recruiting, training, and employee management. From hiring chatbots, video interviews, to virtual reality training, here we are discussing few HR technology trends to keep you on the track of 2019: Natural Language Processing (NLP): Recruiters or HR professionals are struggling to… Read more »
  • Essential Tips for Online Marketing on a Budget
    When you are attempting to create an online marketing plan, it is not always required to have a huge budget. The beauty of online marketing is that you can easily create a great campaign on a small budget as well. When you set the budget, it will also help you… Read more »
  • Why to Become an AI Professional?
    A new revolution is on its way to disrupt the tech world. Any guesses what I am talking about? Artificial Intelligence is our future and its high time we accept and widen our knowledge on what all is possible through this ingenious invention. If managed wisely, it can inexplicable positive… Read more »
  • Strategic Planning: The Key Concept and Process
    Businesses without proper strategic planning often tend to stall. Having proper strategic planning helps businesses avoid the stall and prepare for fundamental changes. An accidental success is dangerous, although succeeding without a plan is possible, these examples only exist of businesses that achieve financial success.   Strategic planning helps the… Read more »
  • Student outreach and diversity: The state of the state
      to effectively recruit students and younger populations, there needs to be more to the story With the next wave of Generation Z getting ready to march down the aisle toward graduation, we need to talk about college recruiting in the real world. And not the “what happens when people… Read more »
  • Attracting quality talent through hackathons
    This post was originally published on The HR Agenda Magazine’s blog on March 1st, 2019 Hackathons are a logical solution to addressing the unique challenges of hiring the ever-elusive top tech talent. Talent acquisition has been the biggest concerns for the C-suite year after year. According to the latest PWC… Read more »
  • Top 11 blogging websites every recruiter must follow
    Learning is one of the best things anyone can do to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the market. If you want to stay in this competitive market, you should be aware of what is happening around you. The best way to be at the top is… Read more »