• Recruiting Studies Are Fooled By Randomness
    I’ve spent a lot of time in the last six months reading studies. On recruiting. And interviewing. And diversity. And Quality of Hire. And I’ve mixed it with a healthy dose of Nassim Taleb, LessWrong.com and the work of people like Daniel Pink, Robert Cialdini, and Daniel Kahneman.  What I’ve concluded… Read more »
  • Who Will Pay the $34 Bn to Reskill America’s Workforce?
    Automation means greater productivity and economic growth but it is not clear who is going to pick up the tab for the displaced workers. In December, General Motors (GM) announced plans to slash 15 percent of its salaried workforce and shut down five of its North American auto plants. Lordstown,… Read more »
  • No Office, No Problem
    Amira Learning is like a growing number of companies (including ERE Media) nowadays: all remote. Read more »
  • Harper Collins to implement new ‘blind recruitment’ processes
    Publishing giant, Harper Collins, has announced that this year, it will introduce blind recruitment to its Graduate Scheme application process for the first time in its 20+ year history.<img onload="ga('send','event','banner','impression','Abacus',2,{'nonInteraction':1});" class="aligncenter wp-image-7516 size-full" The blind recruitment process removes all identifying details from a candidate’s graduate application, which enables the recruitment… Read more »
  • Retailers desperately seek fresh talent in national recruitment drive
    With a report in The Telegraph suggesting that one in every five pounds is now spent online and that online sales are up by 15% to create an all-time high, it’s clear that consumers are enticed by the simplicity and fuss-free nature of shopping online.<img onload="ga('send','event','banner','impression','Abacus',2,{'nonInteraction':1});" class="aligncenter wp-image-7516 size-full" Nevertheless,… Read more »
  • France to allow feminine job titles
    Almost 50 years after the publication of The Female Eunuch, the ground-breaking book on female emancipation by Germaine Greer, the guardians of the French language have taken the unusual step of allowing the feminisation of job titles.<img onload="ga('send','event','banner','impression','Abacus',2,{'nonInteraction':1});" class="aligncenter wp-image-7516 size-full" At a meeting at the end of February, the… Read more »
  • Lots of roles up for grabs in the police force
    In the three years up to March 2018, Cleveland Police lost 223 – or more than a quarter of – police officers from local policing, which is the area of policing that deals with neighbourhood issues, such as anti-social behaviour and youth offending. Local policing also includes the Safer Neighbourhood… Read more »
  • Brits have admitted to accidentally sending their CV to their boss when applying for a new job
    New research by 247meeting has revealed the UK’s top communication frustrations as well as the biggest blunders in the workplace including:<img onload="ga('send','event','banner','impression','Abacus',2,{'nonInteraction':1});" class="aligncenter wp-image-7516 size-full" Over a third of Brits say meetings over lunchtime is their biggest work frustration A phone call is the second most preferred form of communication,… Read more »
  • Are you communicating to your workers about Brexit?
    This focus on business preparations seems to be at the expense of communication with employees. A recent survey by Howden Employee Benefits at a seminar, highlighted that a worrying 45% of employees say that they’ve never had any correspondence regarding Brexit planning.<img onload="ga('send','event','banner','impression','Abacus',2,{'nonInteraction':1});" class="aligncenter wp-image-7516 size-full" Brexit has sparked concern… Read more »
  • Top recruitment tips for SMEs
    Smaller doesn’t mean less work, however. SMEs will require more attention to detail and be more involved in the recruiting process. Not least because to engage a recruiter is a significant per capita cost for them but also as their team is smaller, the engagement has to deliver the right… Read more »
  • Why are businesses still afraid to embrace virtual working?
    Thanks to advances in technology that enable better communication and collaboration, it is now easier and simpler to work remotely than ever before; however, there is still a huge amount of resistance to virtual and flexible working, especially from some of the more traditional industry sectors. <img onload="ga('send','event','banner','impression','Abacus',2,{'nonInteraction':1});" class="aligncenter wp-image-7516 size-full"… Read more »
  • How AI helps HR?
    Artificial intelligence is the buzzword these days. According to IDC, by 2020, the AI market will grow to $47 billion influencing in every business sector. HR industry has also started using this fast-paced technology to simplify its operations. A common scenario in an HR department is that managers are engrossed… Read more »
  • Company culture: Lessons from Apple, Virgin and Airbnb
    Learn valuable lessons on creating positive company culture from leading companies such as Apple, Virgin and Airbnb! Great company culture: The key to business success and growth Great company culture is the secret behind the growth and success of the most successful companies in the world. Company culture is an… Read more »
  • How Interviews Increase Bias Towards Women of all Ages
      There is a fantastic piece of research about venture capital funding and the different questions that are posed to female-led companies versus male-led companies. They asked men about the opportunities for gain and women about the opportunity for loss.  It is a promotion versus prevention concept. The problem with… Read more »
  • How Marijuana Legalization Impacts Employers
    Marijuana legalization is here. There’s just no other way to look at it. Read more »
  • Not-So-Obvious Perks To Expect From A Tech Recruiting Agency
    “Recruiting agencies are helpful but somewhat expensive.” I often hear this from tech companies which have turned to recruiting agencies to search for appropriate candidates. The cost of a candidate hiring, (even if they were born coding and are going to stay in the company for 10 years), always seems… Read more »
  • Use Swordfish For Contact Data & Sourcing
      Use Swordfish to help you navigate and build a your pool of talent   Swordfish works as a Chrome Extension to find contact information on a wide variety of sites and profiles. The tool itself is very simple. Once the tool is open on a site, it scans the profile… Read more »
  • Dialing in with Data: Metrics to Predict Recruiting Performance
      Despite the hype, effectively matching candidates to jobs directly is still years away, but an alternative approach—using historical recruiter performance data—provides an accurate predictor of success for landing better candidates faster   For years, the magical “resume to job matching” algorithm has represented the ‘Holy Grail’ of recruiting for… Read more »
  • Talent Acquisition Movers, Shakers, And News Breakers
      HEADLINES in Talent Acquisition ADP March 2019 job numbers report reveals US job growth at its lowest in 18 months, since 2017. Private payrolls increased by 129,000, missing economist estimates, following an upwardly revised 197,000 gain in February. (Wow…oops?!) Goods-producing jobs shrank for the first time since December 2016.… Read more »
  • GDPR: Is It OK If I Leave My CV With You ?
    GDPR went into effect on May 25th, 2018 with the aim of establishing a modern and systematize data protection framework across the EU.  The new framework imposes strict duties on employers in relation to the processing of personal data, with potentially very large fines for a breach of the rules (up… Read more »
  • What We’re Seeing So Far From ‘Google for Jobs’
    How can you drastically improve the quality of job applicants, while improving their experience, and slashing recruiting costs? Sound like a phantom elixir? A pipedream? Read more »
  • Instagram Analytics: Things to Know for Smashing Your Objectives
    According to www.coschedule.com, 80 million pictures are shared on a regular basis via Instagram. This is an important reason as to why Instagram has an engaged community of different kinds of users. This is also an ideal place for giving your business the shape that it needs. However, it can… Read more »
  • Recruiting Chatbot ROI
    I feel very strongly when it comes to People professionals using hard core business cases and ROI to demonstrate the value they are bringing to the organization. I think time and again the People Ops function is overlooked despite the obvious benefits we bring to the company. This dynamic exists… Read more »
  • UK average advertised salary up to £35,058 per year
    The Adzuna monthly UK job market report, which utilises online vacancy data from over 1,000 sources, confirmed that the average UK advertised salary has increased by 4.2% since February 2018, when it was £33,646. Salaries have also increased by 1% since January 2019, when the average yearly wage was £34,726. The research… Read more »
  • Top tips to creating a positive interview experience
    Having spent time sifting through candidate applications and compiling your shortlist of people to interview, understandably you will want to create an environment which enables each candidate to shine and demonstrate to you their worth. Nerves often strike even the most seasoned professional so its important to help them relax quickly… Read more »
  • Teamwork: Lessons from Apple, Yahoo and LinkedIn
    Effective teamwork: The key to success and growth Effective teamwork is the secret behind the growth and success of the most successful companies in the world. Teamwork is an incredibly important ingredient of the 'successful business' recipe. Take companies such as Apple, Yahoo and LinkedIn for example. All of these… Read more »
  • Making Money Moves: The HR And Finance Connection
      For years, there’s been this debate raging inside HR. Well, to be fair, there are more than a few going on, but in this instance, I’m talking about HR and marketing. Without deep-ending on the specifics, the overarching premise proposes that if HR is to earn its “seat at… Read more »
  • Top 10 Resources for Recruiters (That Are Fun and Informative)
    Need some inspiration? These Talent Acquisition resources are chock-full of knowledge and personality! In the last five years, the recruitment industry found itself undergoing an exciting renaissance. A profession no one ever wrote books about is now smack dab in the zeitgeist, directly affected by both cultural movements (like #metoo)… Read more »
  • Glassdoor Reveals 50 Best Jobs in America for 2019: What Story Does Their Data Tell?
      Unless by choice, no Talent Acquisition (TA) recruiter or job candidate wants to navigate through what we see above: Middle of Nowhere, towing some narrow line, on a slick path, where anything can creep up from behind or head-on, to uproot goals, destinations. Fortunately for all of us, Glassdoor… Read more »
  • Find Out What Matters to Your Hiring Managers
    It’s not just about the candidate. How’s your hiring manager experience? Read more »