Why Is Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals So Challenging? Oakwood Search understands the “big-picture”.

Finding the best cybersecurity talent is one of the biggest hiring problems that financial services companies are facing today. But why Is hiring cyber heroes so challenging? There is a deep shortage of qualified professionals in the cybersecurity field, and so the competition for employees is fierce.

Banks and financial institutions face plenty of challenges related to managing security risk. They must provide application security so that data is not compromised by an attack. They need security measures to implement authentication processes. They also need to be able to take countermeasures against security threats that could reduce their network security. All of these tasks require the help of experienced cybersecurity professionals who, ideally, already have experience with the particular needs of businesses in the financial sector.

At the same time, the general emphasis and attention to cybersecurity have increased, and people are watching financial institutions carefully. A study suggests that only 42% of Deloitte’s employees are confident about the company’s ability to manage cybersecurity risk. And government regulation of cybersecurity requirements for financial institutions is getting tighter as well.

What are the solutions to growing demands and a growing shortage of talent? Often, it’s hiring a niche recruiter with experience in financial services and technology hiring. While in-house hiring teams are a good first step, niche recruiters have access to a much larger network of potential hires. They also have the manpower to devote to more massive outreach and recruitment strategies. When you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, such as the right cybersecurity professional, it often takes that kind of extra effort to find the right person for the job and lure them into your company.

Connecting the leading corporations with the best minds in financial services to deliver unparalleled results in risk management, regulatory compliance, asset management, and technical recruitment, you can trust Oakwood Search to deliver the results your business needs.

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